Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Leg

Dearest Mummy,

I do wish you wouldn't go on so about me meeting a young woman. It really is getting rather tedious. IT JUST HASN'T HAPPENED YET! And anyway I'm quite happy  living in my little townhouse with young Bertie. And no, before you start asking you won't know Bertie's family, he's foreign. Swiss actually and no he is not in Banking like yours truly. If you must know (and I know you will) Bertie is a sailor, or to be more precise a Merchant Seaman. I happened to meet him in a club I frequent. He was looking for somewhere to stay, was willing to pay, so, in what I admit was a drunken moment, I invited him to 'Lowlands'. The extra money is a blessing and as he is away at sea every other month he is no bother at all. When he is on dry land he is very good company, regaling me with salty sea dog tales and keeping me amused for hours. I've told him all about you and is looking forward to meeting you.
Now....onto more important things.
You never mention your leg? I do hope it is getting better. What does the nurse say? I hope all that ridiculous talk about 'having it off' was just that - ridiculous talk. The thought of you hobbling about with one leg is just too much. You are still a young woman we don't want you taking to your bed just yet. Not like you sister Molly! And anyway with her it was the drink as you well know so don't let me hear anymore 'it runs in the family' nonsense. A few more weeks, a good holiday (I have a surprise for you!) and you will be a right as rain I just know it. Ask Sister Bellworthy to get in touch with me as I would like to hear an official report on your progress. I'm sorry I have to adopt this tone with you mother but you must understand that I am worried about you. I think a visit is in order, possibly in the new year when work has started to quieten down.
For now I remain your loving son,

Abington x

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