Monday, 18 April 2011

Home Sweet Home

Yes dearest Mama, I am home at last and I don't mind telling you I have never been happier. Although the staff  at St Barts were as kind as kind could be there is nothing better than sleeping in ones own bed. Doctor Von Traub has given me a clean bill of health and assures me that if I continue taking the pills (14 per day!) I should not experience another distressing episode.
Although I do not remember much about what happened, I am hoping that you have apologised for me to all concerned. People must realise that I was ill and my resulting behaviour was so unlike me. I shall of course be visiting you as soon as I feel up to it to apologise in person although I have no idea what I am going to say to Mrs Round the Vicar's wife. I sincerely hope that she is over the shock of what must have been a very disturbing experience. Rest assured and God willing, it will not happen again. Heaven only knows where I got the energy and wherewithal from to execute such darstadly deeds,  as Doctor Von Trab says, 'the brain is a mysterious organ, as full of surprises as it is mysteries'.
 I have taken the last of my pills and sleep awaits me. I remain your loving son.

A. xxx