Monday, 7 March 2011

Friends Again

Dearest Mama,

 I am so glad that we are close once again and are talking to each other. The past few weeks spent at the house helping you choose staff has been an absolute dream and seemed so much like old times. I'm so very grateful that you saw fit to leaving this important task in the hands of me, you most loving son. Your trip to the Bahamas etc, are in the past. We shall say no more about them.

Now on to important matters. Here, after the interviews are my recommendations for staff positions.

Head Butler: Without any doubt, Mr Edward Oniker. Although of a great age (82) he seems very fit and brings with his a wealth of experience. I was most impressed of his long record at Hardstone House the country seat of the late Earl of Whattingdon. Mr Oniker is your man!

Personal Maid:  Sally Fields. What a delightful girl. (You remember Sally? Blond - Small - giggled a lot) Young admittedly, but great fun and I suspect reliable. I was most impressed by her pert-breasted appearance and look forward to the future monthly interviews we agreed on to see how she was fitting in.

Cook: Madeleine Cook (appropriately named ha-ha) A lovely woman. Brunette (not that, that matters of course) Of a full-breasted appearance well-kept appearance, reliable and very sexy very trustworthy. I look forward to working with her.

Gardener: Amanda  Hoist. What's wrong with a woman gardener that what I say. And especially a young woman of her experience. I checked her particulars throughly and was mightly impressed with what I saw.

So there we have it Mama. You have the final choice of course and I await your decision with great excitement.

Your loving son A. xx

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